Kiraz Mevsimi Aashiqui All Episodes in Hindi/Urdu HD


Kiraz Mevsimi Aashiqui All Episodes in Hindi/Urdu HD

Kiraz Mevsimi is a Turkish drama series ran on Fox TV. It is also dubbed in Arabic in the Middle East on MBC 4, Urdu in Pakistan on ARY Zindagi and Indonesian in Indonesia on Trans TV and in Italian in Italy on Canale 5.

Kiraz Mevsimi Aashiqui All Episodes in Hindi/Urdu HD

Oyku (Ozge Gurel) is a young girl who had a simple life together with her mother and her’s sister. She is a fashion designer who hopes to deepen his knowledge to get into university. In college, he fell in love with Mete (Daghan Gulegec) a young man who was a friend of her childhood. Oyku actually wants to express her feelings, but he did not have the courage for it, so he kept his love for Mete. Meanwhile, Mete also cool to Oyku.

Azay (Serkan Cayoglu) Friends Mete is a successful architect who became partners Mete. He was young, rich, handsome, arrogant, and a playboy. Azay always changing a girl when he attended a party or just hang out. Azay also the son of a very famous fashion designer, where Oyku dream to work there.

At one point Oyku and Azay scrambling to get a taxi, causing tension. They are equally stubborn and no-budge one of them. As a result, the driver walked away and none of them got in a taxi.

After this incident, they are slowly becoming more and more familiar. Meanwhile, Mete falls in love with Seyma (Nilperi Sahinkaya), friends Oyku. Oyku is plain ordinary but in his heart he was jealous. When Oyku realizes that he has lost the love of his childhood before revealing her true feelings, he stepped back and tried to forget him.

However, she finds herself in a strange situation when a love letter that was sent to the office of Mete, turned out to be accepted by Ayaz. Consequently, Oyku had to pretend that she was in love with Ayaz and should act like a boyfriend Ayaz. The love story is false then begin to nurture a new feeling.

In this story, you will explore the funny love story between two young people who do not match each other but should be familiar every time. You will see a strange relationship between a couple of different characters.

Do Oyku will forget the love of his childhood and began to fall in love with Ayaz ?. Will Ayaz will find true love after she had gone out with many girls ?. Find the answer in your favorite tv series.

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