Yemin Episode 45 English Subtitles

Yemin Episode 45 English Subtitles

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Yemin (Turkish: The promise) is a Turkish soap opera produced by Kanal 7. The leading roles are played by Özge Yağız and Gökberk Demirci. Ayhan Özen was the director of the Yemin series. This serial was shot in Istanbul, Turkey.

Yemin Episode 45 English Subtitles

Hikmet brought Reyhan, his niece to Istanbul to marry his spoiled son, Emir. Reyhan did not want to marry a stranger but her Uncle requests her by telling about his disease. She reluctantly agrees for her uncle’s sake. Emir did not want to marry too because he loves his freedom too much. But after being forced by his father he agreed. But he swore to treat Reyhan badly so that she herself will Divorce him. Reyhan was treated badly by Emir and his mother, Cavidan but found comfort in her uncle and her sister-in-law, Suna. Things changes and Reyhan and Emir fell in love with each other. But at the end of the season, Reyhan is deciding whether or not to leave Emir. Yemin Episode 45 English Subtitles.

At the beginning of the next season, Reyhan decided not to leave Emir and both are upset with each other. Cemre sets the house where Emir and Reyhan are staying on fire. The next morning Reyhan confesses her love to Emir. As days were passing Cemre created a fake video against Emir and threatened Reyhan to divorce Emir for his well. Reyhan considered Emir’s well she decided to give divorce, but Emir is still fighting for his love. Emir’s mother said to Reyhan that she pays whatever Reyhan and other members eat or use so Reyhan start a job as a cleanser because she is a pride girl and doesn’t want to be a burden on anyone, Cemre’s mother, Suheyla learns Cemre and Cavidan’s evil plans against Emir and Reyhan and decides to tell Emir everything, but she is hit and killed by a car. Days later, Emir finally watches the fake video, and Cemre is arrested. Thinking that she has lost everything, Cemre tries to commit suicide by throwing herself in a car, but she survives, escapes from the hospital, and tries to burn Emir and Reyhan once again by kidnapping Suna. This time Suna manages to walk and saves them. Cemre ends up in a mental hospital and exposes Cavidan to the police. However, nobody believes in Cemre because she has gone crazy and in order to save herself, Cavidan hires a man to give an electric shock to Cemre so that everything is erased from her memory. Cavidan plays a new game against Reyhan: she hires a girl who pretends to be her lost sister Gulsum and together they make plans against her. However, once Reyhan sacrifices herself and goes to jail in the place of her fake sister, Gulsum starts helping her. She sets her out of prison and later when Reyhan gets pregnant, Cavidan tries to kill her baby with poison, but Gulsum prevents this by making Cavidan taking these pills and making her sick. When Cavidan learns this she asks Talaz to help her get rid of her and one of his guys tries to kill both Gulsum and Reyhan. Gulsum dies to save Reyhan and before closing her eyes she tells her that she is not her real sister. Meanwhile, Cemre escapes once again from the hospital and returns with regained memory determined to kill Cavidan. While Cavidan is planning to close Reyhan in a poisonous warehouse, she falls into her own trap because of Cemre who has heard her plan, but Talaz saves her. Meanwhile, Reyhan is in danger because of her pregnancy: the doctors tell her that either she or her baby will die and that she won’t be able to become pregnant again. Emir agrees to childbirth for Reyhan. Narin hears about the complications of Reyhan’s pregnancy and takes her to another patient of her, who had the same complications as Reyhan but she has given birth safely. The patient asks Emir and Reyhan to bring back her husband who has left her due to the complications. Emir and Reyhan inform Ahmet(the patient’s husband) about his child and wife. But he doesn’t agree to come. Cemre visits Cavidan and poisons her drink. Talaz is worried for her safety. In the season finale episode, Some ruffians come and attack Ahamet. While Emir fights them, one of them shoots the pistol. They didn’t show who was hurt by the bullet. The series of events from season 1 and 2 are shown in the end.

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