Veda Mektubu Episode 4 English Subtitles

Veda Mektubu Episode 4 English Subtitles

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Veda Mektubu Episode 4 English Subtitles

The series will follow the showdown that results from the love that blossoms between two kids of lovers who parted ways years ago because of a letter.

Alanur, a modern and strong businesswoman, and Ziya, a businessman from Antakya, who is close to her traditions, had a great love in the past. Because of their families were against this love, they unintentionally separated and started other lives.

Mehmet, the pupil of his mother Seher is the eldest son of Ziya, whom he plans to quit his job in the future.

Dance enthusiast, full of life Asli; Alanur’s 19-year-old little girl, is in her last year of French high school, and carefully plans every move of her future. Years later, Alanur and Ziya’s paths cross once again with the love of Aslı and Mehmet.

Whatever is left unfinished, this time creates an obstacle to Aslı and Mehmet’s love. While Alanur tries to keep her away from Mehmet in order to keep her daughter safe by learning from her own experiences, will Seher take the pain of the jealousy she has kept inside her for years from Aslı? Will Ziya be a spectator to this situation, even if he feels sorry for his son who is living his own destiny? Will Aslı and Mehmet be able to challenge everyone and overcome all obstacles and heal the wounds of the past with the power of their love? Or will they also share the fate of Ziya and Alanur years ago?

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