VCIM Episode 2 English Subtitles

VCIM Episode 2 English Subtitles

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VCIM Episode 2 English Subtitles

Violet Vitale, a gorgeous and magnetic woman who has always worked in the field of fashion journalism, moves from Paris back to Palermo, armed only with optimism and trust, to search for the father she never knew.

There, Violet starts working for an online publisher, covering the crime beat, and collaborating with Inspector Francesco Demir. He’s charismatic and seductive, with top investigative talent, but little faith in humanity…in that, the polar opposite of Violet. Highly intuitive on the job, Demir is also impulsive and given to bending the rules.

The pair work side-by-side on homicide cases, she as a reporter, he as a cop. Hugely difficult at first, given the clash of opposites, but in time they learn to collaborate successfully. In part because Violet can count on her special gift: synesthesia. Synesthesia is not merely a figure of speech, but also the actual spontaneous and uncontrollable blending of multiple senses – sight and hearing, for example.

In Violet’s case, she associates emotions with colors. When she looks at a person, she sees a color they give off, allowing her to read their deepest, possibly hidden, feelings: fear, joy, pain – Violet develops the ability to grasp the true mindsets of people she encounters. Behind her synesthesia, however, she guards a bigger secret, to do with her real reason for returning to Palermo.

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