Tatli Intikam Episode 11 in Hindi/Urdu (Sweet Revenge) HD

Tatli Intikam Episode 11 in Hindi/Urdu (Sweet Revenge) HD

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Tatli Intikam is a Turkish television series produced by D Productions. The series is broadcasting on Kanal D. It is written by Pınar Ordu and İlker Aslan kaleme.

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Tatli Intikam Episode 11 in Hindi/Urdu (Sweet Revenge) HD

Pelin (Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu)a beautiful girl to be married to someone she loves, namely Tolga. However, Tolga (Can Nergis) on their wedding day disappears somewhere.

While it suddenly came an old woman and preach to Pelin that unpleasant events are the result of bad behavior in the past. Pelin will soon remember who the person she has harmed.

In college, Pelin ever hurt a good man to reject his love, he is Tankut (Furkan Andıç). He was humiliated in front of everyone, he was forced then to leave the campus because of embarrassment and go abroad and stay there for years. There he became a restaurant worker.

When he returned to Turkey, he has entrepreneurship by opening a restaurant with his own being the chef. It has now become a successful entrepreneur.

Pelin believes that if she could find Tankut and apologize to him then bad luck will soon disappear. However, this will not be so easy because it was Tankut still keeps his pain until now. And he also intends to revenge.

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