Sunshine Girls Gunesin Kizlari Episode 33 English Subtitles

Sunshine Girls Gunesin Kizlari Episode 33 English Subtitles

Gunes is a 35 years old woman and a literature teacher whose husband left her with no reason. So she decides to get married in order to afford a good future for her three daughters.

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Sunshine Girls Gunesin Kizlari Episode 33 English Subtitles

Gunes (Evrim Alasya) is a 35 years old woman who has 3 daughters and works as literature teacher in Izmir (a city in the West of Turkey). Since her husband left her without saying anything, Gunes has been living happily with her 3 daughters, all of them has totally different characters: 17 years old twins Nazli (Burcu Ozberk) and Selin (Hande Ercel) and 15 years old Peri (Miray Akay).

Meanwhile Gunes meets a well-known successful businessman Haluk Mertoglu (Emre Kinay) who lives in Istanbul but comes to Izmir frequently to do business. Gunes and Haluk fall in love with each other. Although they have been seeing each other for just 6 months, Haluk proposes to Gunes and wants her to move in to Istanbul with her daughters. Gunes wants to get married to Haluk because she thinks that this time, she has found her perfect prince charming. However, there is one problem: Gunes has not disclosed her relationship to her daughters yet.

When Gunes’s daughters learn that their mother is going to get married, all of them gives different reaction: Nazli totally opposes to this marriage, Selin wants to have a rich life so, immediately approves the marriage, and Peri wants to see her mother happy so, she approves what her mother wants to do. No matter what Nazli does, Haluk never gives up and eventually, manage to get married to Gunes. Sunshine Girls Gunesin Kizlari Episode 33 English Subtitles.

After marriage, Gunes and her daughters move in to Istanbul, the big mansion where Haluk lives. Their arrival changes everything, especially affect the lives of Haluk’s son Ali (Tolga Saritas) and Haluk’s nephew Savas (Berk Atan). Also, with the arrival of Gunes and her daughters, the secrets of Haluk’s family come to light one after another.

In Sunshine Girls Tv Series story, you will explore the difficulties of being parents and also, you will watch the story of a family which is surrounded by secrets. Will Nazli manage to prevent her mother’s marriage? Will Gunes and her daughters adjust easily to their new life in Istanbul? Will Haluk continue to be perfect man for Gunes?

2 thoughts on “Sunshine Girls Gunesin Kizlari Episode 33 English Subtitles”

  1. Well Gunesin Kizlari / Sunshine Girls has a good storyline (with too much of twists and turns in relationships going around the same known people), the direction and actors are all excellent. I love this Haluk guy- what a character!!! Dynamic! with all shades of black and grey……as usual all dramas have always shown women to be so weak, desperate, vulnerable and dumb too, All characters are good. The male actors are all good looking with their own defined characters and I wonder if such good men are really around as in serials…he he (joking). Gunes is the perfect women , wife and mother but after the accident death scene of her ex-husband she is shown to be so weak and vulnerable never to forget that she murdered Zafer and again the twist in poor Haluk’s, I personally never wanted Haluk’s suspense to come out wish things would have ended happily ….there’s still 7 more episodes for me to complete. Thank you to the website for providing the english subtitles please do keep on doing. I have been a great fan of Turkish serials , best wishes to the team of Gunesin Kizleri.

  2. poor Sevilay…..i pity all those women like her who stay all their lives with such abusive husbands forgetting their dignity and self esteem, and still loving their husbands’ and wanting to dream of living a better life everytime, We still have 90% of women like Sevilay still existing and struggling in their lives.

    I really like the blue eyed boy, he may seem irrational at times and very loud but at the end he always turns out to be a mushy fellow like a marshmellow. And poor darling Emre he is always in trouble ……I am getting fond of Savas , he seems to be a boy who is lost in himself and sometimes doesnt know what he wants in life , dont keep him hanging like a pendulum between Mellisa and Nazli (poor chap!!!). I just cant understand why is this Mellisa so so desperate that she wants to be in that condition to keep Savas by her side. Selin is sweet too sweet, she just gets carried away at times but I like Nazli – the way she handles situations and understands even if shes doing something silly,,,,i like her bond with her mom and sisters.


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