Siyah Beyaz Ask Episode 20 English Subtitles

Siyah Beyaz Ask Episode 20 English Subtitles

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Siyah Beyaz Ask (English: Black White Love) also known as Price Of Passion is a Turkish Drama series broadcasts on Kanal D. The show premiered on Oct 16, 2017. It stars Ibrahim Celikkol as Ferhat and Birce Akalay as Asli.

Siyah Beyaz Ask Episode 20 English Subtitles

Asli (Birce Akalay) is a young and beautiful doctor who is dedicated to save the lives of her patients. She even sacrifices her own life for the sake of her patients. She is so free-spirited and thinks that she can change the lives of people through love and effort.

Asli lives happily with her brother named Cem (Ugur Aslan) who works as a police officer. Cem is also passionate about his job and does whatever is needed without any fear. After their parents’ death, Cem has become the head of the family and does his best to protect his sister Asli. Siyah Beyaz Ask Episode 20 English Subtitles.

On the other hand, Ferhat (Ibrahim Celikkol) is young and cold-hearted guy who works as a hitman. After his father’s death, he moves to Istanbul together with his mother, sister, and brother. Ferhat sacrifices his own life for the sake of his family and starts to work with his uncle Namik (Muhammet Uzuner). Ferhat believes that Namik is his uncle but in fact, Namik is his biological father. Without knowing this secret about the past, Ferhat becomes the most trustworthy man of Namik and starts to carry out all the illegal activities.

The lives of Asli and Ferhat intersect out of pure coincidence. While trying to catch a man who betrays their business, Ferhat shoots this man. In order to make this guy speak, Ferhat wants to keep him alive and brings Asli for the wounded man’s recovery.

Asli, at first, does not understand that she has been brought by the criminals. She does her best to save this wounded man. Eventually, she finds out that there is something wrong and tries to escape from that ranch house located in the countryside. However, Ferhat does not let her go and starts to captive her one of the barns in the ranch house.

Meanwhile, Asli’s brother Cem starts to work together with Ferhat’s brother for the purpose of disclosing the criminal activities of Namik. Cem comes to the ranch house without knowing that his sister has been kept there. He starts to investigate the activities of Namik and shows Ferhat that he is not afraid of anything.

During that time, Asli witnesses that Namik is a murderer. She promises to keep her mouth shut and not to tell anything to anyone including her police brother Cem. No matter how hard she tries, she cannot manage to persuade them. Her death certificate is signed by Namik. And Ferhat is assigned to kill her.

Just before Ferhat shoots Asli, he wants to give her a last chance. Ferhat would save the life of Asli on the condition that she would get married to her. Ferhat knows that the people who belong to his family are automatically under the protection. If Asli accepts to be his wife, she can survive. Siyah Beyaz Ask Episode 20 English Subtitles.

In black white love – the price of passion (siyah beyaz ask) tv series story, you will watch the story of Ferhat and Asli who are just black and white. Will Asli accept to get married to Ferhat in order to save her life? What is the aim of Ferhat after he gets married to Asli? Will Cem manage to disclose the criminal activities of Ferhat? Will Ferhat and Asli have a real marriage?

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