Masumlar Apartmani Episode 45 English Subtitles Explained

Masumlar Apartmani Episode 45 English Subtitles

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Apartment innocent, GDF media construction, the first part, published on September 15, 2020, directed the call of Vila Lostuval and Ender Mıhlar of his drama in the genre of Turkish television series. Based on Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu ‘snovel Inside the Medallion.

Masumlar Apartmani Episode 45 English Subtitles

Gülben and Safiye are two brothers with obsessive behavior. Especially Safiye is under the influence of the role model she created on her mother, this is the reason behind her behavior. Han is the only brother in the house where the brothers live with their fathers. Han’s main purpose in life is to support and support his family, to whom he is loyal. However, Han’s life will change after seeing İnci. He will fall in love with her and aim to be happy together. Han is a character with various behavioral disorders, just like his two siblings, his childhood traumas push him to collect and collect garbage, while his anger management problems are “possessive” and sexist. his attitude towards İnci will become evident on the axis of behavior. Inci, who is a radio broadcaster, lives with her brother and grandfather, after an accident, she will be moved to the family apartment of the Han, where she met and married. The main reason for İnci’s uneasiness is the men in her life. Inci, who hates her father, has to put up with the protective behavior of her grandfather in the face of loyalty and loyalty to her brother and her grandfather. His ex-fiancee Uygar is also among the men who have created problems in his life. For İnci, Han follows a different line between the men she has known until that day, and the sudden marriage is an answer to both this cause and the familial situations they see as a problem in their lives for both. However, Han’s mansplaining Differences in attitude and behavior often make Inci ask the question of whether she knows her well enough.

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