Atesbocegi Episode 7 Part 3 English Subtitles

Atesbocegi Episode 7 Part 3 English Subtitles

Atesbocegi (Firefly) is a Turkish Drama Series starring Baris Buka as Seçkin Özdemir and Nilay Deniz as Asli Egilmez. It is a Star TV television series that was directed by Barış Yöş.

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Atesbocegi Episode 7 Part 3 English Subtitles

Baris is a very successful, attractive ,but distanced from love, divorce lawyer who feels there is nothing left to surprise him in life. Asli is a beautiful young girl who is full of life, intelligent and entertaining, but has to work as a taxi driver to help her family. Her family and close friends call her Firefly. When Asli and Baris cross paths their lives will changed and they will enter in a loving adventure.

The plot of the series tells of a very successful, divorcing lawyer for divorce proceedings, who is charming but love-refusing, confident that nothing in this life will surprise him – Barish (Sechkin Ozdemir). And also about a cheerful, fun, intelligent, but forced to work as a taxi driver in order to help her family, a beautiful and young girl Asly (Nilai Deniz), nicknamed “Firefly.” After meeting each other, the life of both heroes will change, a story full of adventure and love will begin.

A successful lawyer and a lone Barış Buka (Seçkin Özdemir), over the road Faced with the most severe cases of the life of a taxi driver who does not fit in the palm of Eğilmez’l Asli (Nilay Deniz) intersect. Barış Un believes that there is nothing to be discovered alive, And like a twinkling firefly Aslı’s adventure begins Search the doors of a world unknown to him.

Dangerous situations are approaching in the name of Peace and Principle. Aslı’s suspicious attitudes are enough to prevent him from being influenced by the world laid in front of him.

The game in which he gives the beginning of peace with innocent feelings can not easily be solved. The new pages that are launched will cause dangerous situations for the Asli and Peace couple to begin, as new beginnings begin.

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