Ah Nerede Episode 4 English Subtitles

Ah Nerede Episode 4 English Subtitles

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Ah Nerede Episode 4 English Subtitles

Their middle son Murat (Korhan Herduran) is a gambling addict who bets everything in life while he needs to study law.

Their young son Omar (Batuhan Sert), who they think is studying engineering, has become a musician working in bars.

Their eldest son, Ferit (Oktay Çubuk), left medical school half-unaware of his family and turned into an incorrigible philanderer with his father’s money.

Ferit, who dreams of marrying flirtatious, beautiful young girls who have been women all his life, has fun like a spoiled child in the face of girls’ attention and is never content with one person. He loved three different girls in different lanes, and he handled them all skillfully until he met Zehra.

The moment Burçak (Asena Keskinci), Nihal, and Sera (Melis Ozçimen) realize that they have been Decoyed, they get together and form a revenge plan. Just as Ferit broke their hearts, they will also break Ferit’s heart.

The architect of this plan is Zehra (Nil Keser), who lives with her mother Perihan (Derya Alabora), older brother Ali, cousin Huriye and nephew Duygu (Ahsen Turkyilmaz). Zehra, who does not trust men, advises young women to take revenge on the man who did this to them instead of eating each other.

But there’s something she doesn’t know. Zehra will be the main role in the revenge that will be taken from the flirtatious Ferit.

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